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  We are proud to bring to you our new Color Series. Antique Quality Color  Reprinted Maps, Town Descriptions and Illustrations. We have stepped out of the 1700’ and 1800’s of hand restoration into the new millennium of new technology to assure you the finest quality of imagery that these Old Residential maps and historical images so deserve.

Each map has been carefully and respectfully handled through a 15 step recipe to insure you the best Quality possible. All of are images have started from actual antique maps and Illustrations from our private family collection steaming of 4 generations of collecting . We guarantee you we do not use copies to generate our product, they then are digitally scanned at a very high resolution and proceed thru the steps of our recipe, our final product is then printed on heavy enhanced matte paper using ultra chrome ink, which enables us to recapture thousands of colors . We now offer many sizes, for the most part we currently offer two sizes for each Map, ranging from our Mini Series of 11x14 thru 12x19 to the larger Quality sizes which range from 16x20 thru 36x22 . Every image we offer has been restored on a individual basis, constantly keeping in mind not to disturb it’s natural ageing and patina.

        Sizes: There are many of our line items that fall into the standard size category when non matted. meaning , your purchase will fit a frame from a local store or you may already have a favorite frame at home .

  Standard size images are as  follows 8.5x11,11x14,12x16,16x20 & 18x24


Should you be in need of matching frames or wish to matt and frame with us please visit our new framing and matting section. We currently carry 5 colors of matting and 9 different frames complementing the era of our maps. Feel Free to mix and match matting colors and frames to build your very own personal Historical wall decor. In stock frames ship within two business days.

Includes: Glass (not plastic),  foam core backing, spring clips when needed, heavy hand strung wire, 4 bump on wall protectors, wood frames are professional sealed with heavy brown craft paper, Good faith hook along with

     Maps to Treasure, Inc.

            Signature Gold Seal.

              Please allow 7-10 days for out of stock frames especially during the holiday season. 

 Will arrive completely framed ready to enjoy for many years.

ZOOM : No Membership Fees

  Research Cost: $2.00 per 24hr Period. 

 Pull up your most comfy chair, perhaps make it a family trip invite the Children and Grandchildren to join you on your journey back in time. Together hand and hand take one giant leap back in time and experience the excitement of locating your family names, where they lived and a sense of their neighborhood , Town or City. Perhaps next door was a Bridle & Saddle Shop, Grist Mill, Tavern, RR Station or Indian Reservation. Wishing you many hours of affordable family fun conversation & connection.

SHIPPING- Each Map, Town Description or Illustration will arrive protected in our clean crisp packaging along with our signature Maps to Treasure, Inc. Gold Seal . All items shipped within two business days flat (NO TUBES) by USPS Priority Mail only.

NEW: Local pick-up now available for large orders and framed images.

  Most of our Old Residential Town Maps show Homeowners names , Churches, Schools, Fairgrounds, Railroads, Businesses such as Blacksmith Shops, Hotels, Saloons and Stores. Many Maps have Business Notices which is a list of Merchants and their businesses which pertain to that particular map or neighboring town or city. Often you will find a town as the main focuses of the map with an insert to the side depicting the heart of that town or village of a surrounding town, this enables us to see our family names easier which otherwise would be to populated to enjoy.

We at Maps to Treasure, Inc. hope you enjoy our maps as we have for they are truly a lost art. We wish you and your family a pleasant and exciting experience. When you receive your map we hope you will have the sense of walking back in time to yesteryear and feel the excitement of locating a family member's name or a point of interest the way we have.

    Where the Past Stays Alive

300,000 plus old town and city maps custom framing, sizing and price combinations.

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  From our family at MAPS to TREASURE, Inc. to you and yours many happy hours of enjoyment and great conversation.

As Always working to preserve our history and sharing with others.

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Sorry we no longer print our maps on parchment, The visual and legible Quality of Parchment maps no longer meet our High Quality standards.


Mapping Out Family Genealogy History
Maps to Treasure, Inc. our company name has captured the interest of many individuals through the years, possibly due to its potential multiple meanings. Each of us may interpret and in envision its meaning to be different depending on our imagination and interest.
For some, Maps to Treasure could represent multiple maps on torn and tattered pieces of parchment depicting that infamous X disclosing the location of buried treasure. Perhaps this Old Map could divulge the secret location of a Lost Booty of precious gold, silver & jewels buried in the 17th or 18th century by a band of Swatch bucklers wearing eye patches and swinging Cutlass swords. Or perhaps a family story passed down from your Great Great Grandfather and repeated by the elders of each generation in hopes the new generation will be it’s vessel in time to assure the Past Stays Alive for generations to come.
However for the Maps to Treasure family our company name has an additional meaning other than the location of a buried cache. The Maps portion of our name does indeed mean many old residential maps with genealogical family names of New England, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and growing.
Arrgh!! now for the meaning of the word Treasure, could very well mean to value highly, to hold dear, to locate a family name /surname. Oh!! to Treasure that moment of locating the home of your Great Great Grand Parents. The excitement of finding the location of that old house in that family photo hung in the hall. Oh!! to Treasure many hours of quality family conversation, connection, reunion and unity of past and present generations. Or just to proudly display a historical image depicting your Town or Cities neighborhood 100+years ago.
Hope you have a chance to join our Maps to Treasure Family on the road to the past. I'm sure either now or in the near future we will be traveling to your Town or City.

Thank you
Maps to Treasure, Inc.